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The 3 day program for Hand & Forearm

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Day 1 Day 1. THE FOREARM 


0800 Introduction- the materials,  the sculpting – method, and construction sequence

0830 Supervised assembly volar forearm;  deep and intermediate layer

0930 Lecture- The muscles of the forearm and their actions

1000 Coffee


1030 Supervised assembly volar forearm- the superficial layer.

1130  Lecture-The blood vessels of the forearm and clinical application

1200 Lunch


1300 Lecture- The applied anatomy of the nerves of the forearm and pathology

1330  Supervised assembly of the dorsal forearm

1430 Lecture- Fractures and dislocations forearm

1500 Coffee


1530 Lecture- Tendons of the forearm, tendon transfers

1600 Final assembly

1700 End day 1



0800 Introduction Surgical Anatomy Sculpture Workshop

0830 Lecture- ligaments of the wrist and hand

0900 Lecture- ligament injuries of wrist and hand

0920 Lecture- carpal fractures

0940 Coffee


1000 Supervised assembly of all hand & wrist ligaments

1100 Lecture- The intrinsic muscles of the hand

1130 Supervised assembly of the deep volar hand structures, with sculpting of intrinsics

1230 Lunch


1330 Lecture- Metacarpal & phalangeal fractures

1350 Lecture- Flexor tendons anatomy and injuries

1430 Supervised assembly-volar tendons


1530 Coffee


1550 Lecture- Nerve Anatomy Hand

1610 Final volar constructions- nerves, arteries and thenar and hypothenar muscles.

1730 End day 2 and Course Dinner



0800 Lecture- Upper extremity nerve injuries

0850 Lecture- The applied anatomy of the extensor tendons

0910 Lecture- Extensor tendon injuries

0930 Supervised assembly of the dorsal tendon apparatus

1140 Lecture- Vascular Anatomy Hand


1200 Lunch


1300 Lecture- Soft tissue defect hand & local flap options

1330 Continued supervised sculpting of dorsal structures

1530 Lecture- Distal radius & ulna fractures

1600 Lecture- the Evolution of the Human Hand

1630 Final touches


1700  Kahoot Quiz & Award ‘’Best Surgical Anatomy Prize’’

1720  Award “Best Sculpture Prize”